Chris Chappell

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Medium preference

Mostly acrylic paint. At an early age he was drawn to drawing with crayons then in high schoold included painting and making things with sticks. Chris Chappell paints landscapes, sometimes realistic, and sometimes a little warped.


Chris Chappell is a full time painter born and raised in Austin, where he lives with his wife and three young children. He paints full time, showing in galleries and art shows all over town. He has been designing and painting murals for over three years. His colorfull murals dazzle children of all ages- decorating children’s bedrooms, nurseries, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. His work revolves around space and form, often using observational painting as a vehicle to move into a unique spatial constructions with multiple viewpoints, humor and a special attention to detail.


Later he studied Graphic Design and Animation at the American College of the Applied Arts in Atlanta, GA.

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Phone: 512.350.3764

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