Justine Mardavich Beech

ceiling door jungle vase


Justine Mardavich Beech received her BFA from Pratt
Institute in Brooklyn, NY and has been creating fine art and murals
for over 10 years. She studied faux painting and murals with a NYC
based commercial and high end company called ModeWorks, where she
helped complete artwork for casinos, restaurants, small businesses,
homes, and vacation homes. She loves creating and is currently working
on illustrating children’s books, and loves working with people to
create their own artwork for their home, loft, or business. She is
willing to travel and gives free estimates and consultations.

Medium Preference:



Ranging from beautifully created atmospheric
feelings, to detailed landscapes, fun children’s rooms, to recapturing
a certain era for film or business.

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Phone: 203-314-6526

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