Kay Hughes

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Painting is my passion..
My education is in Interior Design, and I have always loved to paint. In England I learned to appreciate gardens and landscapes and have incorporated them into my paintings. After spending many years working in corporate America, upon my move back to Georgia, I started my own mural company and now I paint full time.

Murals came naturally and the canvas floor cloths seemed a natural extension. I have tried not to limit myself in scope, but rather enthusiastically pursuing different avenues. I also embellish furniture, strawberry barrels, and tin ware, only fun things. The bright to mellow colors of today all have a place in my palette and in the home thus I hope you find this collection interesting.

Since coming to Austin, I have expanded my scope to canvas art and encaustics.

Knott Garden, history & company name

The knott garden came to America from Europe where it has been used since the Middle Ages. It became especially popular in the Victorian Era. It is a symmetrically designed garden relying on a strict geometric pattern to achieve its charming effect. The American knot garden is a true knot or cutwork parterre, consisting of low growing shrubbery with contrasting color plant material that appear to cross over and under one another like threads in a weave. I love nature and gardening and endeavor to combine the two in my work. Although a knot garden is a formal and contrived in form, it has charm. Knott with two t’s is a family name and thus the company name, Knott Garden.

For more information...

Kay Hughes Website: www.knottgarden.com

Phone: 512.573.8177

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